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Claire is a community member that is still working at the age of 65 despite being retired. Every day she goes into town looking for menial jobs because she needs the money to feed, pay rent, healthcare expenses, and even have to take on credit-card debt to cover the gap and pay for other essentials.
Just like Claire, there are people still working even during retirement. This happens because they don’t have a steady job that pays into social security or enough money to save towards retirement. These people are everywhere in our communities. We know them because they are friends, family, and community members that are struggling financially and can’t prepare themselves for life after work.

Their retirement days that is supposed to be filled with joy becomes a tiring experience. And while some get the opportunity to relax, go on that boat cruise, enjoy the good things of life, travel to places, and engage in all the fun activities they missed because of too much work. People like Claire will never have that opportunity and would work for the rest of their lives to put food on their table.

It is estimated that nearly a quarter of all American adults have no retirement savings or pension at all. They are highly overwhelmed by the financial responsibilities of their day-to-day life and more focused on making it to the end of the month than saving for the distant future. The main reason there are no savings for the future, is that they don’t make enough money to save, some are still paying down debts, while others are struggling to pay bills, rents, mortgage, car payment, etc. Coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic that is still ravaging the country, more and more people are losing their source of income and digging deep into their savings to get by.

A lot of adults who are working and over 50 do not have enough money to plan for their retirement. And honestly speaking, they need this more than ever. Because they have to pay for their bills, take care of themselves, travel to places they love, help others and enjoy a stress-free retirement life. But, how do they get this money if they are not empowered financially?

It has always been my dream to help people get the financial change they need and make enough money to retire properly. I want to equip them with the information needed to put their money into work either through savings or investments. I want to help them look for ways to increase their income through additional streams of income. I want to help them plan towards a better future and retire properly – without stress, worries, and with more enjoyment, as they should. My help will be open to everybody and not just senior folks because I want more people to start taking steps in planning for their future and having something to fall back to when retired.

Many seniors are stuck with these lives of never-ending work and if they are no measures put in place to help them, it could befall more people not just the senior folks in the coming years. I don’t want this cycle to continue. Which is why I need your help to bring this dream to reality. With your support, I’ll be able to give more people the financial change needed to make their lives better and plan for a brighter future. They will also have the financial liberty to enjoy their retirement years to the fullest.

I’ll be happy to receive your donations for this life-changing cause and put them into good use. Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it.
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