A Wonderful Retirement for My Folks

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My Project: Retirement for Folks - $500,000.00

A Wonderful Retirement for My Folks

About 8 years ago my parents decided it was time for a long-overdue retirement. The thing is, after 8 years, their savings ran out and they needed help. It was getting harder for them to take care of everyday expenses.

You know, retirement is supposed to be a beautiful thing. They both earned the right to move on to their “golden years,” enjoying life from the deck of a cruise ship, traveling the world, popping in every now and again to let everybody know they’re ok.

But I have to say, I’ve been fortunate so far, because both my mom and dad are still very active and independent.

There are more than 50 million Americans that are 65 and older. The estimate is that 25% of them will celebrate their 90th birthday, and some will celebrate more.

My dream is to provide my folks with a great retirement with no worries, as well as preparing myself for the future, and the possibility of providing long-term care.

Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support to help me realize my dream.

What’s Your dream… new house, dream car, pay off bills, new business or provide a wonderful retirement for your parents? Lol
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