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Why iFunding Connect?

iFunding Connect is a global crowdfunding community created with a vision of rewriting the future - one cent at a time. We equip campaign organizers with the tools, resources, and insight they need to rack in quality project funding, bridging the opportunity gap. That’s the only thing that separates success from failure - opportunity.

Imagine if Steve Jobs never had an opportunity? Nelson Mandela? Bill Gates? Winston Churchill? Gandhi? Opportunity is everything, and we’re on a mission to give it to those who need it the most - those who are willing to do what it takes to win.


Why Crowdfunding?

In a nutshell, crowdfunding lets groups of people pool their money together to raise funds for anything they need or like - be it, car repair, pay medical expenses, launch a new business or product, or bring a groundbreaking invention to life.

Crowdfunding offers a unique way to raise money for meaningful projects, whereby each individual contributes a small amount to “the bigger picture.” Crowdfunding effortlessly proves that every cent counts, and that no action is too small to make a difference. After all, it takes just one idea to change the future, one step to complete a 50-mile journey, and one cent to meet a crowdfunding goal. Never underestimate the power of “one.” We don’t!

Any project can be crowdfunded, and there are no boundaries. iFunding Connect is the support system and pillar for crowdfunding projects worldwide, bringing people together to make a global difference where it matters most. We support projects of all shapes and sizes, equipping our campaign organizers with the opportunity they need to cut through the noise and make their voices heard. We welcome all ideas, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Established in 2016 in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, iFunding Connect is a global crowdfunding community. We are committed to arming you with the platform and tools you need to connect with generous donors from all around the world, so that you can raise money easily, quickly, and painlessly.

The digital age has changed everything. There are millions of people in the world that need money. Likewise, there are just as many givers out there, that also need money. Our fully-transparent and reliable platform bridges the gap by bringing both parties together, where the giver can also become the receiver.

About the Platform

iFunding Connect features a platter of incredible tools, including an Email Auto Responder that generates multiple follow-up emails. These are “drip-fed” to website visitors every 2-3 days for a month, raising awareness while increasing the likelihood of donations. the iFunding Connect platform is 100% automated, while still maintaining the all-important “human touch!”

Our Vision

We are determined to ensure the success of as many campaigns as possible, by providing an intuitive, effective, and easy-to-use platform for organizers to raise money and for donors to make contributions. Our proven concept helps crowdfunder's fund their entire dream life style while helping others do the same.

Our Mission

It’s a harsh reality, but the world is plagued by crowdfunding scams. We are on a mission to connect campaign organizers and donors while eliminating fears surrounding scams and fraudulent behavior.

Ready to level-up your crowdfunding campaign?

Join the iFunding Connect family today. It’s only downhill from here.


The mission of ifunding connect is to provide our members with a simple crowdfunding system that gives them the ability to reach their campaign goal without the need of a large social media account. We provide our members with optimal tools, support and a crowdfunding platform that has been tested and proven. "We believe that the person with even the least amount of computer skills can succeed with our system."

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